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ふくしま集団疎開裁判記者会見 2011年6月24日




Evacuate Children from Fukushima Lawsuit - Skype conversation with Prof. Chris Busby

The parents of some of the school children who study in Koriyama City, which is not far from severely damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, have sued the Koriyama government demanding that all the students in radiation contaminated schools be moved to safe areas so that they can live and study without the health risks they currently face.

Prof. Chris Busby, a British scientist who has spent many years studying the effects of low level radiation has agreed to be an expert witness in the lawsuit.

The content of the two videos on this page is in both Japanese and English.

The first video is Prof. Busby's message of concern to the people of Fukushima.

In the second, Prof. Busby answers some of the pressing questions that have been worrying the local people that remain in the danger zone.

It is imperative that the international community becomes aware of this lawsuit so we can provide a global stage where scientists such as Prof. Chris Busby can talk openly with the public and inform them of the true radiation risks that they now face.

For more background on the Evacuate Children from Fukushima Lawsuit check out this news story:


●その1:メッセージ 【13分31秒】
●その2:Q&A 【64分42秒】